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Delfie Martinez, Glass Artist

My fascination with glass started several years ago after taking a fused glass class for my jewelry business. I wasn’t satisfied with making small fused glass cabochons. I soon expanded to making larger pieces.

My goal has been to create kiln formed glass that is esthetically pleasing as well as functional. I use several forms of glass including frit, rods, stringers, and sheet glass.  Working with glass provides an infinite diversity of color, texture and form.  My work is inspired by the beauty of nature surrounding us. I view my environment with kiln formed eyes.   I want to turn what I see into glass pieces.

I have been influenced by glass artists such as Amanda Simmons, Richard Parrish, Nathan Sandberg, Alicia Lomne, and Bob Leatherbarrow. I learned how to make delicate vases under Amanda Simmons; tapestry with Richard Parrish, murrine with Nathan Sandberg; pate de verre with Alicia Lomne; and crackle procedure with Bob Leatherbarrow. I have studied and admired the work of Toots Zynsky, Ben Young, Alex Gabriel Berstein, and other great glass artist. My focus is not on one form of kiln glass but on the limitless possibilities of kiln formed glass.

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